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In addition, I also think its somewhat hypocritical to only close a portion of the season. The runs are obviously in poor shape. If their numbers are down that bad, the rivers should have closed down starting in December. If anything this part of the run (Dec-Feb fish) needs the most help of all, since it's been harvested and depleted the most. Basically by killing the early returners what they are doing is gradually shifting the run timing back into the spring. Since the majority of the fish that are spawning are later returners, they are the only ones to pass on the genes. Who knows, in 50 years the fish returning in March will be considered the early ones. I don't disagree with the closures though. If the run is depressed, every little bit helps, but its frustrating that past mistakes in managment have led to this.

I agee, that its pretty bad when the runs are depressed so much that even a catch and release season has too much of an impact. I blame MSY. Im just wondering what will happen if the runs ever get healthy again. They may just open the December - February kill season back up and we start it all over again. :beathead
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