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The enforcement issue is a real problem. Unfortunately the lawmakers don't give much money to F&W for enforcement, and then when the laws are enforced, the judges usually only slap the wrist of the offender. The place to start, though it takes a long time to realize progress, is to educate the kids on ethical fishing and hunting practices. This is currently being done for the hunters through hunter ed. classes. For fishing, one way to do it is to participate at hunting and fishing shows through fishing clubs and provide educational material and activities for kids on ethical fishing practices (i.e. get involved).

By the way, not all fly fishermen and bow hunters are ethical. Recently, the owner of a bow hunting specialty store in the Tri-Cities was was charged and convicted of poaching in Oregon (using modern firearms in a bow season, then telling his customers that he got the animal using a bow), and is currently up on charges in Washington.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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