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Just my 2 pennies...........I have to agree with the PYA philosophy.

Unfortunately, there is really nothing that the ethical flyfishing community can really do to make an impact other than that which we already do. Call in license plate numbers etc. We are ultimately dealing with the politics - its all about the all mighty dollar as we all know. Our legislatures, and not only Washington, only make enough effort to give the appearance that they are concerned with dwindling fisheries and the enforcement of the regs. The state agencies cannot and will not put forth the extra funding that it would take to actually put the conservation officer/game wardens on the water in great numbers. It is a shame, but in the big picture all of our hands are tied to an extent.

Moving on to individuals ethics - we cant do to much for all the boneheads out there that just dont care. stiffer penalties for violations is effective. I have a very good friend that is a senior conservation officer in the state of Idaho. I spent countless summers as a teenager riding along with him enforcing the regs. He had alot less water to cover in his district, but he does one hell of a job. his daily appearances were really all it took. I must add that he was quite tactful in his ways. He'd write someone a ticket and drive back there 2 hours later to find lines in the water again - most of these ppl lost thier licenses for great lengths of time. Some of which got to go to jail.

It would be great if people had to go through some sort of screening process to get a license, but those who didnt would only still go out and deplete our fisheries that WE respect and and fight to conserve.

The poachers, as well, frequent the same water that we do - they want to get away from the crowds and break the law in solitude - less likely to get caught that way. This puts more of a responisbilty on us to take action, but, we always need to keep our selves out of harms way while we do it. No one watches out for Ol #1 but #1.

Too bad our state fish and game commissions were not comprised of those of us that are the epitamy of the sports - Ethical Flyfisherman and Bowhunters.

Just my 2 pennies. Jason :CONFUSED
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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