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Entiat Next Week?

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My son is here from out of state and wants to learn to fly fish and do some camping, hiking, mountain biking, etc. I haven't been there in years, but remember the upper Entiat as a place that would fit the bill nicely. My only concern is that looking at the streamflow guage at Ardenvoir, the river is running almost twice its normal volume for this time of year. Does anyone know if it's fishable? If not, are there other suggestions that anyone would care to offer? Thanks, Tom.
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A lot can happen in a week.
The weather trend is a little cooler than normal, stream flows may be slow to drop.
I was in the upper Teanaway on Saturday and the creek was full but wade able in many places.
The only other suggestion I would have would be the Methow Valley.
There are lakes as well as the river to fish and there are lots of trails for hiking.
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