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Parachute Adams; 12-18
Elk hair caddis; 12-18
parachute caddis; 12-20
x-caddis; 12-20
Stimulator (various colors); 10-16
some Wulfs and/or humpies; 12-16
Some mayfly "imitations" (parachutes, comparaduns, plus sparkle duns and/or other emergers); Pale Morning Duns, Blue Winged Olives, March Browns (for around here)


Hares ears; 12-20
Pheasant tails; 12-20
stoneflies (various colors); 8-14
Prince nymph; 10-16
chironomids (for lakes); 10-24 (all in different colors, styles, and materials)
damsel nymph (lakes); 8-14
All in bead-head and non bead-head versions


woolly bugger (black, brown, olive, maroon); 4-10 (in bead-head and non bead-head)
Zonker; 4-10

I'd call that your essential starter kit. After that, the choices will never end.
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