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Great topic and some very good stuff here.

A couple of things.

While fishing with a friend last year on the Skagit. A sled ran right up the middle of our drift. Needless to say I was a little steamed and started to tell my friend just what I thought about it. He looked at me and simply said "I up here to enjoy my day off". I didn't need to hear anymore.

A few years ago on the Stilly a local guide came down with a group of about 6 pontoon boats. He asked if they should go in front or behind me. There wasn't enough water to go behind me so I told them to float by in front. After the last one went by I started casting and on the second or third cast hook up a nice Deer Creek native.

I spend a lot of time on the rivers and I have caught my share of fish. I don't really go there just for the fish anymore. Like my friend said. "I up here to enjoy my day off." By the way shortly after the sled went by my buddy hooked into a 19 pounder.

Oh, one more story. On the Skagit at a well known run named after a close by creek. I was fishing when a couple of guys floated by boon doggin. They were throwing their gear right at me and fishing within 20 feet or so. I launched a decent cast and put my fly not 5 foot off their boat. Low and behold if a nice 15 lb. buck didn't grab my fly and start jumping right off the side of their boat. I could not have written a better scenario. One of the guys yells out that this was the first time he had seen a fly guy catch a steelhead. I just laughed and ask him if he got on the river very often?
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