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What about sleepers??

I always pass behind a wading angler when I am Pontoon'n, if I can. Some times, I get out and walk and rope the boat past if its too tight to row between the bank and the other angler. Sometimes I cant, but I will always just float though to not be thrashing their water with oars. When I was out this weekend, I wasnt paying attention tying knots and kicking along when I turned around and couldnt have been more than 20 yards from a float tuber that was stationary. I quietly appologized and moved through quickly. I wasnt paying attention and I felt kinda bad about it. I am always pretty vigilant about not crowding someone....as I HATE it when I get crowded out there.

But there are times when competition is fierce. I remember one day last winter on the Nooch floating along in my pontoon and my buddy took a fresh steely out a nice peice of river. We rowed the first 4 miles at a pretty god clip trying to get into this peice because by god I wanted my shot at one and I knew it would be there. I cut right in front of a drift boat jumped out of my pontoon on the rock ledge in the middle and threw out. They drifted past giving out dirty looks. I think that was about trip number 22 with no fish last winter - I was starting to loose all sense of everything. The fever was really bad that day. Shouldnt have done that to anyone. It was only my 3rd or 4th trip in from the pontoon in my Washington fishing career. WHOOPS!! J
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