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When it comes to the moving water, I'm completely with ******. I always defer to the person already fishing and give then their stretch of water.

When it comes to stillwater fishing, things get complicated rather quickly. With people trolling from boat, pontoon boat, or float tube, it's hard to see behind--close quarter situations often arise. Heck, I have enough problems avoiding the bank and outcropping fallen logs! Here, understanding of the situation is necessary, and grace must become a part of etiquette.

Of course, if a person is stationary and working a piece of water, then I have to agree with Wildram007 and keep one long or two short casting distances away. Still, as I said before, it's hard to see behind oneself when trolling in a float tube. When I see people trolling a little blindly towards me, I will always give them the heads-up to minimize potential embarassment. I have always found the response to such warnings very much appreciated--myself included. Above all, I feel graciousness is the key to civility on and off the water.
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