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When I'm drifting in my pt boat and come to a wading angler, usually I will go behing them, unless the river is large enough and I can hug the opposite bank without drifting over their water. Most of the time though I will just ask the person where they would like me to go. This eliminates any potential problems. Also, If I have a lot of water to fish, which one usually does on a float, I will ask the bank person which holes they were planning on fishing and avoid them (unless their are a lot of other people on the water). If their is a hole thay may be fished after me, I'll try to not drift over the middle of it on my way out, since fish can sometimes be really put off but an overhead boat.

The main objective of river and even lake etiquitte is to not disturb someone elses water. I've had people pass behind me when I'm wading and then go right back to the middle of the river not 15 feet below me, right over the water I'm obviously fishing. Sometimes though, there's nothing you can do. One day last fall I hiked to my private access spot on the N/fork stilly only to find a boat parked in every hole. Since I would only be fishing used water or encrouching on others, I just left without wetting a line. Humpy season on the sound rivers gets even worse than that, with bank and boat guys in almost every piece of water, but most fly fishermen will avoid those types of crowds anyways. There etiquitte takes a whole other meaning.
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