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Eugene Next Week

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Have a last minute work trip to Eugene, have the afternoon/ evening when I arrive to kill. My thoughts were 1 of 2:

  1. Land around 11am and head straight to the McKenzie River trail, rent a bike and ride the trail. This would require the bike rental and pay for the shuttle, which would potentially be ~$200 given the shuttle will probably be on my own. On top of that, not sure how late I can return the bike and if I can't do it that night, I can't do it the following days.
  2. Bring the fishing stuff and fish...pretty simple and way cheaper.
So, I'll have a car and am now leaning towards fishing even though I've wanted to ride that trail for years and therein lies my question. I've never been in that area, what rivers are wade-able this time of year? Would rather fish for trout and not drive too far from the town if possible. I know the McKenzie is there, Willamette but any suggestions would be great, having a bit of a hard time finding decent info on the internets (just directed to the local fly shop website). Looks like there's a couple of shops in town and going to give them a shout too, any reco on which one to drop a few dollars in is always appreciated as its always nice to stop in the local shop, pick up some gear and talk smart for a bit.

Thanks in advance, looking forward to the trip.

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Well 35 min later this trip isn't happening...just accepted a job that requires a relo so we'll be getting ready to move. Good news is the move is going to involve my first boat, more on that to come in the coming month(s)!!!

McKenzie River Trail will have to wait...again.
And I was already to tell you where to fish on Mac and the "secret spots" to go on Willy :)
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^^ Ha...yeah guess that came off bad, was more along the lines of "can I wade this river" before I haul my stuff 3/4 of the way across the country. I like the exploring aspect of it as much as catching fish, just like to optimize time on the river.
You can wade any river you danged well please in Oregon as long as you stay below the normal high water line and enter the river by permission from a land owner or a public access point.... which there are many around Eugene.
Way too much duck poop in Eugene for me, but GAT's correct, if you gained access legally and stay within the high water mark, law is on your side.
Shuttles on the Mckenzie are easy. Carry a rod with you and start walking up the road, never takes more than 5-10min to be picked up.
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