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Bigfoot is blurry
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For a little background, I've been trying to ween myself off my sink tip lines for steelhead and get my first on a floating line. In the last few weeks I've been using a floater more and more but still reaching for the bottom dredger about half the time. With the cloud cover I thought today would be a good chance at a fish on a floating line. I headed to the upper North Fork Stilly to spend the evening fishing the skinny water with a floating line.
At 2pm I was just getting into my second drift when my line went tight. Then a flash. Fish on! After a well fought battle that included several jumping fits I started backing up to beach her. Just as she hit the gravel my foot hit a rock behind me and I fell flat on my ass. At this point she was still in a couple inches of water, so from my seated position I pulled back on the rod to finish the job. The hook bent out and she stayed there motionless. I dropped the rod and scrambled toward the water but the loose gravel supplied no traction for my felt soles. I was only about six feet away so I crawled as fast as I could and got my hands on her. Just then she came back to life and instead of dropping her in the water I tried to toss her up the beach. Because of her wiggling my toss sent her only a few feet down the shore with half her body still in the water. Still on my knees I crawled the few feet and got my hands on her just in time to feel her slip between my legs. Failure. From when my behind hit the ground to when she swam away was no more than five seconds. I, of course, felt like a heel.
Two hours and about a mile later I came across a pool that was absolutely perfect. I just knew it held a fish. Three casts into it I felt a grab as my fly hit the seam. After several runs and a few leaps, I slid a 29" hen to the beach. This time I got a good handle on her. Redemption.
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