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Steve (Islander) and I decided to meet at Pass Lake Sunday morning. Steve beat me there and was in the water while I was still dinking around with rods and waders. Not more that 20 yards from the put in Steve nailed one but there was an eagle in the tree top across the highway and he wanted that fish too. A few aborted dives later it gave up and headed back to the tree top.

I finally got my butt in the water and promptly stuck one right about the same spot Steve did. A nice fat rainbow came up side the Watermaster and that's when I noticed I forgot my net, Dang! Steve nailed number two for him and we headed east along the south shore to another cove that he said had held browns in the past.

Later Steve would say "never leave fish to find fish" as the next few hours produced cold fingers and not much else. After a while the "switch" turned back on and we started hitting fish again. We took turns sticking fish and I cussed up a storm when one broke me off right at the side of the boat, if I only had remembered my net. Steve stayed close after my little fit and offered his net with each fish I caught, what a guy. :thumb:

At one point Steve released one only to see it belly up a few minutes later. It took the eagle less time to pick it up than it took Steve to grab a photo, it would have made a great shot.

We finally got off the water as the rain started to fall, not bad timing at all. It had held off all day long until about 2:30. It was good to get on the water again, get a few tugs, and visit with a friend. I think I should do again soon...

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I just got done down loading the pics and saw your posting. Glad you did the writing, I'll just post some pics. I will add it was a great time, one of the more productive days at Pass lately. I did manage to get a picture of the Baldy flying off, but not the water snatch.

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Doesn't that eagle know its a catch and release lake.?
Call the Game Warden, I bet he doesn't even have a fishing license.
Awesome report guys! Pass Lake is a lake I want to go to soon, (though I'm trying to locate it on the map/GPS to get there first). As for the eagle needing a fishing license...I think our nations bird has a free pass! ;-)
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