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Fathers Day Crab

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Got my dad out on Saturday for some crabbing in Coos Bay. He's battling pancreatic cancer and was feeling pretty good Father's day weekend. 14 dunginess and 6 big red rock crab filled the buckets in a couple hours. Fresh crab feed that night, then crab melts for Fathers day brunch.

Crab melts ready to go into the broiler - english muffin/toaster biscuit pre-toasted, some parmesan cheese on the muffin, heaping pile of fresh picked crab about one inch tall, parmesan cheese sprinkled on the top with a little chopped green onion, and a small dab of sweet chili sauce, broil in oven on high until browned to your desire.

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So awesome. I want to be able to get out and get some crab someday. I'm glad you and your dad had a great day.
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