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Felt sole replacement followup...

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Well I've used my boots with newly applied studded felt and they are working great! I'm glad I did it myself and plan on doing it myself next time. My boots are as good if not better than the day I first bought them.

The studs are awesome when in the water. I feel much more stable than before (with just felt). But when walking on rocks, hard packed trails, and especially concrete, they are a pain (much louder and just a little more cumbersome than plain felt)


Get about 3 of the big tubes of shoe goo. If you don't use all 3, you can take one back... Just don't underestimate how much it will take...

My old felt was in good condition, just getting extremely thin, so I stuck to the package recomendation of applying the new felt to the old.

I used a hand file to clean up the old felt before starting, and to even out the edges when I was done.

Cutting away the excess felt after I was done was easy with a large knife (the kind that 'never needs sharpening'. The little teeth saw right through the stuff). I thought this would be harder than it was. Using a razor\utility knife may have worked too, but I would stay away from a 'normal' bladed knife.

After applying the felt, it was clear that I'd need some tape to hold down a few edges. I applied a lot of pressure with my hands, then carefully taped them up to keep pressure on the 'problem areas'.

After it dried for 24 or more hrs, I pulled off the tape, then applied more shoe goo all around the edges and forced it into any crack or crevas that was remaining. Re-applied a little tape to help out in those places, and another 24hrs and I was done.

Total hands on time spent was about an hour. Next time I could do it in 1/2 hour or so.
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Well, after about a year and a half since I posted the above report, it is time again to start thinking about felt replacement on my Simms wading boots. The boots in general are still in great shape. I've since replaced the laces and that is about it. Now the studs are starting to fall out, but the felt probably has some time left.

I also have a pair of wading sandles (Bite) that I want to improve upon before I start wet wading in the summer again. The felt is too thin out of the box, and I want to beef it up.

So here's my question: does anyone know of a place I can buy felt material for cutting my own soles from? I'm going to look at a few craft stores, but if anyone has done this, I'd appreciate any info you can give....

I just finished going through this exercise myself. Not sure of the craft store route for finding felt. I went to Patricks to see what they had. They had a felt replacement kit for $29 which included felts for both boots. I found the same kit at Hook and Hackle on the internet for $15. It includes felt for two boots and goo to apply it with. Haven't had my boots in the water yet, but the fix seems to be pretty solid.

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