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It has been a long time coming, I feel I have been dreaming of a good raft/boat for years now, it has always been something I wanted to do and just never made it happen. As of Memorial Day weekend I'm an official owner of used AIRE 143D with DRE fishing frame. I had originally pinged this board when I first joined and I was looking for a drift boat, but a job transfer, move, and purchase of a home kept me from pulling the trigger. After a few more moves, a couple new jobs, getting married, having our first child and several years passing, the stars finally aligned.

After trolling the WFF forum reading about others rides, and a few on the water experiences I figured I'd be getting a raft. I looked at a few boats and then out of chance having a conversation about boats with a guy I've recently got to know he said he had a boat he's looking to sell. It was never listed for sale and I feel I got a descent deal on a very well cared for boat. The trailer needs a little bit of love but isn't anything I can't make better! Just happy it was included!

Before I can get her on the water, I need to get a few things that it unfortunatly did not come with.
  1. Spare Oar
  2. A few spare life jackets
  3. Pump
  4. Anchor
Last - what river am I gonna float first?!

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I own the same boat and it has treated me very well.
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