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Firetiger Wet

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Found this on 99flies site; a mini-Muddler with some non-standard materials. Tip of the hat to Koolaid for the pheasant tail/wing (original used mottled turkey for the wing but I'd just dyed up some hen pheasant so that's what I used).

hook - Mustad 3906B #8
thread - Danville Monocord rusty brown (3 Dollar Dip color)
tail/body - pheasant tail dyed orange
rib - brassie wire copper
wing - hen pheasant wing dyed orange
collar/head - deer hair dyed orange

mash barb, start thread; tie in rib, wrap to bend

measure (gap width past bend) some pt fibers; tie in/trim

tie in some more pt by the tip; wrap to 3/4 mark

counterwrap rib; helicopter end, cover with thread

prep wing segments (gap width), measure (tip not quite to the tail)

fold over body, tie in, trim butts

clean, stack, measure (tips to hook point) a clump of deer hair; tie in with 2 soft loops, tighten and let it spin

a couple more wraps thru the butts, whip finish, SHHAN

trim head

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Scott - first of all I never cease to be amazed at your ties, SBS and the quality of the photographs (on your ancient Canon), so thanks for all you share. I really like this little orange muddler and wish I could figure out how you manage the wings; they're perfect. I can never get them to look like what you've shown. I know, practice, practice.

Thanks again. I would sure like to fish this fly!
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wish I figure out how you manage the wings... I can never get them to look like what you've shown. I know, practice, practice.

Thanks. Two secrets for wings - watch lots of Davie McPhail vids and, like you said, practice, practice, practice. I went through a few pheasant wing feathers before I started to get the hang of it; nailed the FireTiger on the first try, which hasn't happened before.
Keep at it; you'll figure it out.

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