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First Fishing Trip After Surgry

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I had my left shoulder replaced on Jan. 25th.
I was back on the creek today and I must say for a man with one and a half arms I feel pretty good about myself.
I'm still aways from a double haul, but I taught some trouts a lesson or two.
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sorry for the way the pics and the printing came out. As you can see I had a good time
Glad you're on the mend, Gary - nice day, too!
I still remember my first day on the river a month after my acl surgery. My therapist said I'd be ok to go fishing. So I headed out for a float with two buds. 8 hours later my knee had swollen up to the size of a grapefruit.

I went back to therapy two days later and my therapist was pissed. I told him I just went fishing as we discussed. He asked for how long and was surprised when I told him all day.

His idea of fishing and mine were a little different.

Glad you are back in the saddle.
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G0od on ya, mate!

BTW, nice troots!
That's awesome, Gary! I hope that it keeps getting better and better!
Congrats! That's gotta feel great...going fishing after having the new arm installed. The limited mobility hits fly fishers hard from what I've been seeing.

Still have a cast on after my achilles repair. I've got a goal to be trout fishing by May, but I might be pushing it.
Way to go Gary! I'm happy to hear that your downtime was so short. When I broke my shoulder in'14 I had to have my arm strapped across my belly for the first 6 weeks. It's barely six weeks for you and you are catching fish already! Sounds like I shoulda' gone the Remove and Replace route.

Stay strong-don't let old age screw with you.

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Thanks to all of you for the likes and comments.
It was good to check in here on the forum during the down time.
Congrats on being able to get back out there. I'm sure those troots have been missing you and hoping for a quick recovery.
GARY, GARY, GARY! We will meet up at the FORD one day.
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GARY, GARY, GARY! We will meet up at the FORD one day.
Ya sure you bet'ya
Nice!!!...My kind of Physical Therapy!
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