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First Hoh Down Report

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I unfortunately had to be back by Friday so I'm home and everyone else is still heading out. Got there Tues. and got settled in. Chris, Jeff, Ryan and I got the main area tarped up and ready for Jerry and the rest of the mob. The four of us did a float on Wed. and Ryan got a nice native. We would of had a picture but just as he was setting up for the "pose" the fish does this huge leap out of the net and rips through the shallows like a torpedo back into the river. When we got back there were lots of folks rolling in and Jerry had the Grub Tent all set up. Dinner was stellar and we consummed mass amounts of beer and booze. Thurs. breakfast was great also and then Matt got there and hooked up the multi-keg setup for the homebrew. I shuttled Jerry and Ed for their floats with Dustin, Mark, and Rob and then bank fished a bit before heading home. Had to be at least 20 guys there and as many more heading there for the weekend. The party should be in full swing by now. Wish I was still there, the weather got real nice on Thursday and is suppose to hold. Party on Dudes............
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Thanks for the update. Sounds like a blast!
Man, wish I was there. Last year was a blast, and it sounds like this year is going to be off the charts! (don't know about the fishing though).
Got called home early to handle some business, I was really looking forward to that giant chunk of cow Jerry had in the smoker all day bawling: Wish I could have hooked up with a fish but I had a great time and it was nice meeting everyone! Only took a few pictures, here they are...

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Thanks for the post Islander and Nice job with the pics MW!
I can already smell the wood fire and french toast on the griddle....

And Ed looks too relaxed on his toon..... Mumbles I hope you got a chance to show your fishing worth on the water.. :)
you guys are killin me here with those pictures. looks like I missed out on some good fun.
this sums up my trip:
:rofl::rofl::rofl: CLASSIC !!! Sounds and looks like a good time- :thumb:
Steve, thanks for the first day shuttle my friend, it was great to see you again. Great photos thus far and Jerry D will be collecting and making a photobucket show for us all. The river was running nice, color was what you should expect for a glacial source river and the weather was off the hook until late Saturday when the rain arrived and sogged up the camp (again). Great times, great folks, let's do it again soon.

Edit: Thirty? I looked at my photos and scoured my alcohol influenced memory and have thirty names of folks whom I met over the course of my stay at the Hoh Down. Anyone else got a similar number?
I left Sunday morning with Mark Walker, got him to my house for a quick shower then off to Sea-Tac to hop his plane back to CA. It was great to meet you guys and finally put some names to faces. I especially want to tip my hat to Jerry D for busting his ass in the kitchen. That guy barely gets his truck/boat parked from the days float and he's in the kitchen prepping to "sling some hash", wearing waders and all. This group is very lucky to have him!
Thanks also to Chris Scoones! It was great to finally meet you and thanks for letting me take out a Watermaster. That was a blast for a first time rower!!
Rob Ast told me I was looking a little "under the weather", so, I took today off work and am getting my dutch ovens and other gear cleaned up. Thanks for that diagnosis Rob!

I had a GREAT time!!! but........ Trout Fishermen still dominate the water!

I already sent a bunch of photos to Jerry so be watching for 'em.

Double those thanks, guys, and a special thanks to Chris for lending me an extra sleeping bag when "Nimrod" here left his in Lederhosen land! I promise not to do that next year!! This was the best time I've had in a looooong time!!
Jerry thank you for breakfast and dinner each day, you put out quite a spread. Enjoyed every meal from Thursday’s dinner to Sundays breakfast.
Alex thank you for the ride down the river on Saturday I enjoyed greatly only my second drift down a river. Also thanks for posting the recipe for the dish you made for every one Friday night.
To every one who showed up once again a great group of people with a love of chasing the grey ghost of the river. Once again it was another fine trip and hard to believe how many years some of us have been going that have made the trip out there together every year. It was great to see old friends and new and looking forward to seeing the photos since I was stupid and left the camera battery in the charger at home. Duh.
Look forward to the next trip together and hope I will be able to once again make it.
Another great big thanks to Jerry for the grub, Mumbles for the seat in his boat, and all who drank, ate, fished, and generally played a part in the mayhem (I mean making it a great get-together). Now that I saw the down and dirty flies that were catching fish I will be better prepared to make it happen next year.
next year fellas I promise
I totally mirror all of the positives posted. An absolute great trip, meeting new friends, FANTASTIC food, awesome weather (until the mosh pit hit on Saturday nite, but hey it's the OP), and the big river cooperated with decent flows. Thank you all for welcoming a newb into the fold.
Eric (electric)
Let me add my "thank you" to Jerry for his excellent cooking, splendid hospitality, and extensive pre-trip effort. Maintaining his composure in the face of adversity (hydraulic malfunctions) provides a true picture of his character. Additional thanks to Jeff for the pot of clam chowder - actually it was more like a barrel of chowder and it was excellent. And of course thanks to Alex for Friday nights dinner. Alex, if you had to forget something, we are all glad it was not the dinner - am sure your sleeping bag would not have tasted very good. Also thanks to Lonnie for all those creations he concocted in the dutch ovens - upside down pineapple cake, potatoes, baked beans, and a few others. Amazing what came out of those ovens down in the mud.
And to everyone else who showed up, stood out in the rain, told some amazing fish stories, and provided splendid company and camaraderie - it was great to meet you.
And to the ex shortstop who continues to wander around in left field mumbling about who knows what - your real life persona exceeds your on-line presence.
Last but not least - a thank you to the intrepid fellow who puked his guts out for a few minutes near my tent very early Sunday morning. You validated my decision to retire early and limit my consumption of alcohol.
Looking forward to the next one,
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Did anybody catch anything?
Sean Beauchamp and Ryan Davey landed the only 2 of the weekend.

I managed to boat a ****** on Friday....

Edit: someone needs to post the sweet pics of Ryan's fish
my liver hurts.

thanks jerry for cookin up THE best camp grub i have ever experienced. in waders no less! good meetin you and hanging fireside. you are the man!

couple highlights:
-davey rowing up to the takeout with a fish on then donning the dragon mask for the photo
-beer on tap
-every meal (thanks guys!)l
-beer on tap

had fun with you all, many good conversations both remembered and forgotten :beer1:. good times gentlemen! until next time :beer1:

i cant wait for all the photos!
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