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First SRC report

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hey all

Been lurking for a bit and recently really dove head first into SRC over the past 6 months. So, I figure I should probably chime in from time to time and give back some to what has been helpful to me in figuring out how to find these elusive fish in Puget Sound.

On Saturday afternoon, I tied a few new flies to hopefully go and try out this weekend. They are not the prettiest of things but they are literally flies #5-8 that I have tied, ever. I'm quite happy with the way they turned out.

I went out on Sunday am as the tides looked good and had some free time. Hit the first beach, where I have had some occasional success the past couple months, there were a couple other people there but still plenty of room to get around and not be on top of each other. I in the water for about 45 minutes, so a couple fish jump out of casting distance and only saw one fish caught by the guys to my right. Not a lot of action going on. Did see a ton of chum fry swimming right up next to the shoreline

Off to beach number two. When I arrived, there was on other person on the point I wanted to fish but I though there might be room for both of us out there. Ends up I never made it out to the point. As I was walking down to the beach I saw a little commotion directly in front of me about 30 feet off the shore line. I hustled out to the water and started throwing line. Nothing. About 5 minutes later in the same spot I saw several fishing rolling and jumping on what I'm assuming were chum fry. I threw a few casts right in there and again nothing. Tried a few flies and moved around a bit, but I was coming up dry. Things calmed down after about 15 minutes of not seeing any more action I decided to move on as I had to leave to head home in an hour.

Hitting on more beach on the way home. Had some success there the week before and reeled in a nice SRC and a juvenile salmon on a similar tide. I figured I'd give it a quick few casts, as I was now 30 munities from time to head home. Walked down to the beach found a nice similar rip going on but slightly higher tide than last week. Threw my line out there and on what was probably the 10 cast there had a take! Nice little resi. Few more casts and had another slightly larger one. Missed a few fish. Had one roll of my fly 3 times before finally taking it about 10 feet from me. All of this happened within 15 minutes on the fly that I had tied less than 24 hours before. I've now burned all my time and am satisfied to call it a quick morning out on the water.

Time to head home happy and off to finish out the day.
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Great job and welcome to your new addiction... we are here to help you through it man;);)

My best advice would be to not get stuck on one pattern man... load the box with an assortment of flies including several weighted sub-surface patterns... even if I am getting into fish I usually switch flies a bunch of times per beach and try to experiment with different strip speeds, depths and colors.... ST
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I seem to be fairing well so far with the addiction ;) but support is always helpful. I'm sure there will be more to come and always looking for assistance and helping out where I can.

Yep, tired a few different flies at beach two, to no success. I have other flies than the ones I had tied. I was just excited to see if I could get something on the files I had tied.
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