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First Steelhead on Fly!! (2nd and 3rd as well!)

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Admitedly, there have been numerous posts of first steelies on fly this year. Just consider this another gratuitous attempt to brag.

My dad, bro and I went out this morning and hit 6 in 2 hours. It was a rush watching those natives go airborne. It was a riot.

For those seeking their first steelhead, keep it up. Your turn will come.

- Tom
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Ooops! Missed mentioning that! We were on the Methow. There were several of kings in there as well. I hooked a few, but fortunately was able to disconnect before rod and/or fly was lost.

Last weekend there were several bait fisherman (including one of my buddies) who were fishing up there until the friendly fish and game advised them of the selective gear regulations. No citations were issued, but they took their toll. My buddy said he saw several fish taken that were clearly wild (or at least had the adipose fin present).

It was all fly guys today.

- Tom

I'm jealous. I drove from Seattle to the Methow and back on Sunday and got skunked. Where were you fishing? Which flies? Help!

What do I know---I'm just an old man

Just get on hiway 20 and drive you will find it after you drive over North Cascade hiway.
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