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I've created some art over the last few months and have begun selling prints. I'm putting together an order that will be going out to my printing source within the next couple of days. A few folks have made requests through the Art section of the forum or through my blog (http://www.riverforged.tumblr.com). Just wanted to offer these to the rest of you fine anglers. Below are some samples of each individual print that I have available. The fish and environments are all printed individually (1 fish per page). These are a slightly textured matt finish with very rich color, professional archival quality ink and paper. Signed and shipped by me from the Seattle area. Local pickups are welcome (Mountlake Terrace/downtown Seattle).

I also specialize in creating unique artwork based on a specific fish that you've caught and photographed. This is my way of supporting the release of trophy fish. They can still go on your wall, without killing them :)

Three sizes are available. These may vary by a couple of inches depending on the ratio of the artwork.
8 x 12 - $24
12 x 18 - $36
18 x 24 - $50
(14 x 24 for fish species)

packaging + shipping will be extra at about $10, give or take depending on size of print.

If you would like one of these, send a PM to discuss details!

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