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I have a bottom line fishing buddy that has served me well since the mid 90's.

I hit a stump in lake kapowsin, breaking the mount and ejecting the fish finder in the lake. (Who knew I could row a drift boat that fast?)

My dog heard the finder splash down, exciting her and she got in the way of my rowing. By the time I wrestled my dog out of the way, the finder went from floating horizontally to sinking vertically aka the Titanic. I got a hold of it as the top sunk 3 inches under water.

Dried the unit out overnight inside in front of the fan. Re installed batteries and was
Thrilled to find the electronics work great. I bungee corded it to my db and it worked fine while stationary, but it shifted too much when rowing no matter how many configurations I tried with the two bungees.

I have searched all over the net, contacted bottom line, then humming bird who took over bottom lines fish finder division. No parts available for the 2200. Sad because I believe the current fishing buddies do not havemside scan ability and look fragil compared to my unit.

Does anyone have a mount for this antique?

Has anyone custom built a Mont for this? I am trying to come up with a economically based custom build that incorporates some kind of breakaway mechanism similar to an outboard boat motor can flip up when hitting a sand bar.
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