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Fishing charter out of westport or Pt Angeles

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I have been asked to find a good charter boat by a friend, but I have never used one...could someone give me a recommendation?

Thanks so much.

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I grew up in the Westport region. Worked as a bait boy in the 60's starting at age 12 and then skippered them when I got my first CG license at 18. As Bouncin Bob stated the Westport charter style of fishing is mooching. Drop the line down and crank back. We considered a crew of tourists good if they were "crankers". It's actually kind of fun way to fish other than fly fishing of course which I do almost exclusively now. It is fun to feel that tap, tap...crank slow tap, tap and then hook the fish. I guess you could say fly fishing is somewhat similar...cast and strip back giving the fly action...mooching cranking the cut plug or whatever giving it action.

The following guys have been down there forever and I'm sure will give a good trip regardless of the fishing.
Mike on the Fury worked for my older brother years ago as a bait boy and then worked for me on deck in Alaska for a few years. Whenever he could he would have a sport rod in his hand so lives and breathes it. The other three have been at Westport since the hey-day and are still operating which shows they run a good operation.

Have fun

Dave Camp -- Boat Discovery, http://cachalotcharters.com/
Tommy Bennett -- Boat Spindrift, http://deepseacharters.biz/
Mike Harris -- Boat Fury, http://deepseacharters.biz/
Kevin Vasereno -- Boat Gold Rush, http://westportcharters.com/
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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