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Fishing charter out of westport or Pt Angeles

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I have been asked to find a good charter boat by a friend, but I have never used one...could someone give me a recommendation?

Thanks so much.

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I have had good trips with Ken Culver on the Tequila Too with Deep Sea Charters. http://tequilatoo.com/index.htm

Something Ken did differently was reward the people who worked the hardest. Last couple of times we went out, the effective method was to dop the bait down about 60-100 pulls then reel back up quickly and repeat. I assumed the idea was to entice the fish to the boat. A lot of people on the boat would last for 3-4 tries then put their pole in the holder. My buddies and I kept at it, stopping only for beer or coffee or sandwich. We caught a few small coho while others lucked out on some larger ones and a chinook that we led to their lines. The boat got about 75% of the limit.

Back at the dock, Ken lined up the fish by size and gave us the biggest fish. He explained to everyone in the morning before we left the dock and again as he distributed the catch, that the people who actually work the fish will go home with the reward. He didn't think it was fair for some one to spend the whole day inside the cabin and get rewarded for having a lucky pole in the holder, while others got sore arms from reeling.

Look at a combination trip - salmon and rockfish. It's not fly fishing, but it is still fun for a family outing.
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