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Hey there,

I'll be down in Bremerton this weekend and am considering fishing for coho on the canal due to it's proximity.

I'm deciding on whether to target SRC or coho. Obviously there is a little overlap. ..

It's more a matter of do i bother to bring my 8wt and outbound line...and spend the one morning Ill have fishing for coho or SRC.

Has anybody been catching them down there this year? ...if it hasnt been fishing well I'll probably just hit my SRC spots and hope for a random fish

Any suggestions on GENERAL areas to go?...I was considering trying belfair state park

Disclaimer: when i say suggestions I mean general places, State parks, etc. Not looking for peoples secret spots. For example, when I first started fishing for coho off whidbey last year i asked my LFS where to go, they told me any of the state parks were a good bet on any given day for south whidbey. I'm wondering if the hood canal is sort of the same gig.

If you have a second to chime in Id appreciate it.

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I'd take a 6wt with some coho and searun flies. A 6wt will handle coho.
If you plan to target coho, you'll likely be better off focusing on the northern part (south of the bridge) rather the the southern part of the canal.
Good luck,
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