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Fishing lenice on Thursday

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Possibly Wednesday evening and for sure early on Friday till noon. Home base is desert aire. I will be a jeep GC and a green fishcat pontoon.
Let me know if you are around and we can at least say hello.
I plan to chiro fish and cast and strip buggers.

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Great to say hello in the parking lot during the mornings wind fest.

How was your day after you got to the water?

Tight lines
Fished Lenice yesterday, gorgeous day out. Caught several on an olive leech and Nyergis nymph. My fishing buddy caught his off of chromies. All fish were just the cookie cutter 14 inchers, but I was just glad to be out on such a beautiful day.
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my belated report from last week:
Shawn - very nice to meet you as well on Thursday. The lot emptied out with people transitioning to the Dry Falls opener. I got a late start on the lake more due to a fella with the name of Jim Beam then the wind. But the wind did stay up pretty much all day and got worse when I got off the water at 6:00. I headed up to the west side of the lake to get protection from the trees and the cat tails. I caught one on a bugger while rowing. I stripped a bugger with not much success and then switched to chiro fishing. combinations of red and black worked well for me. Ended up with 8 to the net while working hard in the wind. my buddy (not Mr Beam, but the dude pouring Mr Beam) came out in his boat and kicked my ass while he trolled a nyerges nymph!. He put 3 in the boat to my zero. We called it a day and went back to Desert Aire for the evening. After dinner, I kicked him out at 9;30.
Was back on the water by 8 the next day. No wind but plenty of fisherman. I counted 18 people at one time. The chiros' were not working. the bugger was not working and either was the nyerges so I was at a big zero by 10:00. how the hell does that happen! Changed up to a callebaetis pattern and ended up with 4 to the net by 11:30. I had to leave for an afternoon commitment and was disappointed as the weather was awesome and there was going to be a great afternoon bite.
I hope Dry Falls was a good opener. I know I will be on Back to the Wall on the 11th!

tight lines and safe travels.
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