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Fishing near Roseburg OR

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I will be in Roseburg OR starting 5.25.16 for a couple of weeks. I know that it is too late for winter Steelhead and too early for the summer runs in the Umpqua.
I did a little research today and did not find much information on trout in the local river?
I don't have a floating device so it will walk and wade.
Any local intel? And yes I want to know which rock to stand on and the flies to use.......

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I believe springers are in but I'm not sure if they're done yet. I also hear smallies can be good but I think those start later in the year.

If I was you I'd go above Glide and below steamboat. Only a few spots have redds and they're pretty obvious. Fish the tailouts and ledges with a floating line and you shouldn't have to worry about hooking a fish that doesn't want to eat. There won't be a lot of fish but there could be some summers by now.

If you've never been to the flywater before it's an amazing place. If you can swing it get a guide even for a half day. Feel free to pm me for more specific stuff.
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When I fished it with a guide in March we saw some trout keying on March Browns, he said there is some good resident trout fishing; including Browns. I'd start by hot springs and work upstream. Diamond lake has had a good fishery for years, don't know current status since it was poisoned a few years ago. River below Roseburg known for smallmouth though as mentioned above it may be early, but if not I'd think they could be keying on downstream smolt.
Watch out for Timber Rattlers!
There aren't any timber rattlers west of the Mississippi.... the Pacific rattlers get pretty big, though.
Okayyyyyy. My mistake. They are big, however. I've seen several in the 3 foot range.
Head north about 1/2 hour to Springfield and hit the McKenzie. Plenty of guide book info on that one on the google machine.
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Thanks for the tips it really helps.
If I was you I'd go above Glide and below steamboat.
Whistler's Bend to Steamboat... it's just before Glide.
And it's a Springer game right now on the N.U.
For smallies, hit the park where the two stems meet; or travel down to Elkton...and all sites in between.;)
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