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Fishing near the state Capitol building

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i have a quick question. I'm working right next to the state Capitol building for the next year building the new state patrol building. I'm wondering if I get up earlier and go in a couple hours earlier to do some fishing if it's worth it. I drive right by Henderson park and the deschutes. Or I see priest point park is only minutes away for src(which I want to start trying for.) are either of these locations worth getting up early to try or am I just wasting my time. Thanks for the input.
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There r some cutthroat at prieat point and if u go to pioneer park off of henderson at the deschutes there r cutthroat as well, its not great fishing but they r there.
Black Lake, Black River.

Priest Point does not really have a nice beach for SRC's. They prefer a cobblestone beach and PP is pretty much mud. You could try the nude beach on the Evergreen campus for SRC's. The upper Deschutes can hold some real surprises. Never really fished it close to town.

My suggestion would be to drive a bit. You may not be able to fish a couple of hours B-4 work.

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