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Fishing On My Birthday

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Hi all,

My birthday is next week, and since it happens to be midweek, my wife has agreed to devote Sunday to a fishing outing. We have two young kids, so it won't necessarily be any hardcore fishing, but I can definitely plan to have 3-4 hours of solid fishing time. Driving time is not an issue, at least not really.

We've spent the last few bday outings on the North Fork of the Stilly. Obviously that's closed until November 1st. So my question to all of you is this...can you suggest a spot that is within a 3 hour drive of Seattle where I can fish a river with shot of catching an anadromous species? It would also preferably have at least decent bank access, as we won't be taking my boat. Right now I'm considering the Satsop or the Wynoochee. I really don't know much about either of those rivers though. I would love any and all feedback you may be willing to share. I'm not looking for anyone's secret spot. I just don't fish south of Puget sound all the often, so that's new territory for me. I would also sacrifice catching odds for scenery.

Thanks in advance,

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Was on the satsop two weekends ago and the water was really low. Maybe better close to tide water and the chehalis. Or look into South sound state parks on beaches

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