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I've recently bought a pontoon boat for river fly-fishing - Especially for steelhead. Unfortunately, the river fishing presents a problem i.e., arranging for pickup services :DUNNO . Apart from walking, the only other two alternatives are to find a partner with a similar need or utilize a pickup service.

I prefer the companion/partner alternative. So, if you have, say, a one-person pontoon boat and want to drift the Stilly, Sky, Skagit, Sauk, etc., drop me a note ([email protected]) and let's put something together. With two or more people, we can easily solve the pickup problem.



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You want a solution? Can help you if you're willing to spend the $$$ to do it. Here's what you do. It's what I always did, and still do if I fish by myself.

First. Buy a good quality lockout cable about 20-30' long. Buy a GOOD quality durable lock. Preferably a key not a combo for this. The type that are difficult to cut with cutters.

Second. Buy yourself a good reliable and cheap scooter. You can pickup a used Yamaha or Honda moped for between $100-400 if you look.

Now, when it comes to floating. Chain up your moped where you plan to take out at. This long lock system will be a bit much when you first buy it, but will help you later on. Then go to your launch site and put in. Make sure you only put enough stuff on your boat you can carry back with you. I always carry a vest system and have a bandelior for my rod tubes and my take down oars. When you get to takeout. Unload your boat and put it all on your back and leave your vest on. Then, unlock your motorbike/moped and use this extralong cable to chain up your boat. String it through frames, through D rings on tubes, and any open spot you can secure the boat in. Make sure you do have something to hook chain into (guard rail/telephone post) and go to your pickup/suv. As long as you only leave boat behind, no oars/rods/gear you'll be fine. Will make one man fishing easier. Plus, you won't be at will of a partner.

Hope this helps, never had my boats stolen in the past 12 years using them fishing.

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