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Fishing report

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I'm not very good at giving reports like some other members, so don't expect too much.
And don't get me wrong I really wish I had those kind of writing skills, I just don't possess them.
Anyway, getting on with it here...

I left seattle with Trailer in tow and headed east. Made it over two passes and got the trailer all set up and got going on some repairs to the boat.
1). The floor was rotted so I installed a sheet on new 1/4" diamond plate. That went smooth.
2). Then I thought I'd try and install some cheap underground conduit for rod holders on the boat (like the fancy boats you see). That got done, it went smooth.

By this time it's 2:00 pm Thursday. I'm tanked and fishing today wouldn't work. So, I decide to stay the night and fish Friday, I do.
Friday morning I get all my gear and provisions ready and head out on the road. Ellensburg here I come.
I set up a shuttle and put in at ringer, and I'm headed to Umthanum (sp).
The first hour or so is so frustrating because it's one of those fishing days where I tangle and get caught on everything and nothing is going right. Oh, and I ain't catching [email protected]&$ for fish!
Once, I back casted and tangled a double dropper set-up into the top of my other rod that was just sitting in the boat making me cut out both whole to riggings and starting over. A total pisser for sure.
After that I swore I would go slower and take it easy. One rod stowed properly as I fished with the other. From that moment on, is probably when things started to really look up. I hooked into a fat fish that was so big I couldn't honestly land him. It ended on a short unbuttoning and I was fine with that. I was solo in a boat too so I kind of had to watch more what I was doing anyway.
A couple of hook-ups happened like that and then the flood gates opened. I must have had a 25 fish day. It was so much fun. Not all of them were huge, but I didn't even care, a fish is a fish.
After about 5 hours and realizing I was no where near the take-out, I started to boogie. Another hour after that I was there and wiped out!
The shuttle got my rig there and I was on the road!
Of all the trips I think I've been on (the OP, steelhead, the klick, Montana, the this that and other river in Washington), this one, hands down was the best ever. And I think like what was it that made it the best and I'd have to say two thing. 1). That I did it in my boat alone. For some reason, that gave me a weird satisfaction. Not that guided trips aren't fun, they are. Nothing better that someone else doing the hard work, but for some reason, doing it all myself, made it that much better.
And 2). That I caught these fish, some, on such small dries. I love dries. I like bobber fishing too, very effective, but dries are awesome, especially small ones. Big fish, little dries.

Well, that's my report. I did look it over so if there is something wrong with it, I tried. Pick it apart, tell me I can't spell, write, land fish right, etc... It's fine, it's the Internet!
I hope you guys (and gals) have a great time fishing out there and be safe!

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Great report-super fish pics, awesome trailer. Sounds like a win for everything!

Thanks for sharing, you earned those fish !
Thanks for the report! Sounds like a great day.
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Great report. I have yet to have a day like that on the Yak. Keep the reports coming, I've been too busy to fish.
Awesome great pics too! Thanks for sharing.
I have a feeling that @Swimmy would not approve of that footwear.
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Nothing wrong with your report. But breaking it down into a few paragraphs would make it easier to read.
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I have a feeling that @Swimmy would not approve of that footwear.
I am considering buying the Simms sandals https://www.simmsfishing.com/shop/footwear/streamtread-sandal.html based on this report from one of the guys at Red's

Nothing wrong with your report. But breaking it down into a few paragraphs would make it easier to read.
Thanks for the tip OMJ.
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sounds like an awesome solo day on the yak!
Well you asked us to pick your report apart. OK. Stop wasting key strokes on disparaging your reporting skills! Excellent report.
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