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Thanks for all the "likes"
The camera is a fujifilm XP
To get those four shots I must have taken a 1/2 dozen pics each. From rod tips to my wet wading shoes.
I think the brookie had been caught before. He/she posed pretty easy, the rainbow on the other hand was not going to hold still....
I was going to try to get the cutty under water but the bank gravel dropped off to deep water and was loose. I didn't want to get my MT lic. wet.
Thanks again

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Very cool pictures.

But you probably shouldn't get your dog in or near the water. Golden Retrievers hate water and its not good for them. In fact, I'm shocked your dog was in the water...;)

From a fellow retreiver owner who can't keep her out of the water.

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great camera Gary. I have it and got a some pics of turtles in Hawaii this year.
My pup I got from you last Fall just turned one over the weekend. The best family purchase EVER. can't thank you enough
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