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Flextec Aerotec 9/12 Spey Reel And Extra Spool.

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FlexTec Aerotec 9/12 spey reel and extra spool. 4.2" diameter, 5.56oz Aluminium, LHW but can be changed, strong disc drag with soft click, few very minor scratches, still a very sexy reel, Adonized.
Comes with pouches for reel and spare spool. 200$...180$

If you pair this reel combo with any of the rods I'm also selling, I'll knock 50$ off the overall total.

Shipping will be split 50/50 using cheapest and smoothest methods from Quebec, Canada.
Open to offers, bundles, questions, heyhowyadoin's and wise advice by PM. Also open to trades for salmon stuff, tying materials, Lamson, Meiser or Simms. Paypal works best.


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This reel is light and sexy. More than we can say for your hands that will crank in the big one with it.
Let's fight Monday mornings together with price drops!
180$ with the 50$ off combo deal still in effect.
Spring will never come until this reel is yours.
See? Spring has been holding off because you ignored this reel. Better change that!
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