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I think it is leather actually
or you can use foam

I saw a recipe for it on an East Coast fly tying site
used for strippers

was thinking about tying one up never got around to it

maybe now I will if I can find recipe for it
I seem to recall it mostly glued more than tied
thats how you get the hackle on the ends
glued between two sheets of leather one dark one white

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The Furimsky boys run The Fly Fishing Shows around the country, as in our former Bellevue show. Nice guys and they love to fish.

I tie a similar pattern (for striped bass) but without the foam, I use some Softex painted on both sides of the feather. And less weight.

For Sea Run Cutthroat Trout I think you will need to tie this on a much smaller hook, like size six or eight and a shorter shank too.

Some of the pocket estuaries and tidal lagioons that I fish near hold tremendous numbers of juveniles just like this pattern.

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first cut
dont laugh too hard
W/ the wind knocking the power out & the sewer treatment plant dumping 1,000 of gallons of raw into PS by West Seattle the other day....

That little turd might just match the hatch.


1 - 20 of 42 Posts
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