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put any places online that you know of with cheap good quallity flies. heres one
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Precison Fly & Tackle we are in puyallup wa, I tie with them www.flyroddersheaven.com
get some great flies, good prices and get them locally at the same time.
Gary Mine arnnnnn't cheap either but I tie my own and that means the quality some times could be better. However I do get the enjoyment out of them and when your fly catches that fish oboy it's good for the ego. Chris did you get in a good week?
I don't know about cheap flies. But the ones I have been buying lately have been falling apart after a few swims in the river. I complained to my local fly shop and they replaced them with no questions asked. Good shop. But the flies are still coming apart. So maybe I ought to go cheap.
I don't get buying flys from the internet. I either tie which is way /cheaper than 2 bucks a fly or go to a local shop in the region I'm fishing. You generally get a special tied fly that you can't find online that's proven on the water you are fishing on line is a wast of time, except for your run of the mill. Just my 2 cents
you can get flies at wholesale prices and blue fly cafe's elk hair caddis they have many diferent kinds of colors and little variations and one of tyheir fly i have caught 10-15 trout on and it looks like new? it was just $.84
If I was going to buy flies on line I would order them thru Hills, a site sponsor. I did the Caddis flies once over 10 years ago and I still have flies left. These take a licking and keep on ticking.

Shit, I'm talking about fishing so long today I guess that I will have to go out and see if there are any fish to be caught. Thank goodness I live so close to Blue ribbon water.
cheap flies, no: cheap cigars, YES!!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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