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Float tube?

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This isn't as exciting as posting a fun trip report or some new artwork, but I promise there will be some of that following my next trip.

My dad was suppose to join me last September, but he broke his foot. This time around, he has tickets to fly to Seattle and drive with me for a week-long trip in the Dillon area at the end of July. All of my trips out there so far have been primarily focused on rivers, though I have begun to see stillwater opportunities in a new light. I love moving water, but ever since I bought myself a float tube this spring, the lakes are calling my name. I've been hooked on fly fishing for many years, and somehow have just now discovered this new obsession within the existing obsession.

I plan to bring my float tube along to MT, but thought I might ask here and see if anyone has a spare tube and fins that I could borrow or rent for my dad to use on this trip (July 26-Aug 2). It would be fun to take a break from wading the rivers and hit up a lake or two.

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I have an old round doughnut style float tube and some fins you're welcome to borrow. Somebody's probably got a better one you can use, but if not, consider mine as a contingency.

If you are headed through Winthrop you can borrow mine in return for some of that delicious Cold Smoke Scotch Ale that I can never find in WA.

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That's tube and fins. Pump crapped out this spring.

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Thanks a bunch for the replies and messages! I've got something lined up right now that should work great! You guys rock!
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