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All serious high lake anglers I know use rafts. If you start traveling cross country, or going to lakes further in, or going for more days then the weight and bulk savings of a raft outweigh the disadvantages. Sevylor makes a decent product called the [a href="http://www.sevylor.com/boats/boats/Hunting_Fishing2.html"]Trail Boat[/a]. They are cheap and readily available but they are fairly heavy and they are actually heavier then Sevylor claims. The ultimate backpacking raft is the Curtis Designs DISCLAIMER: I am the manufacturer of these boats. They weigh only 20 oz for the boat itself and it rolls down into a very compact little package. They are much more expensive then the Sevylor.

Sitting in a puddle of water in the bottom of the boat is not an issue if you sit on a doubled over sleeping pad. It also makes a good backrest that allows you to cast from a sitting up position. It still isn't as nice to cast from as a float tube, but it works very well. Here is a [link:http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/getaways/091197/lakepix3.html|photo] of me in a boat.

We first sold our boats in 1980 and we use a stuff sack as a pump, but I've never heard of an earlier Swiss boat that used that technique. I'd be very interested in any details you have of that product.

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