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A great question. I have thought about this very thing in the not to distant past. My floattube wieghed 6 pounds and has an inflation valve that works for blowing it up by mouth. That way I could carry it deflated. To bad it got stolen and I haven't yet replaced it. It was a Creek Company U-boat type. Definately want the lightweight breathable type waders with a stocking foot. a pair of light weight shoes or noeprene booties. these can be rolled up rather small. I would strap the fins to the outside of my pack. I set a goal of keeping all my fishing gear to under 20 pounds. That way I could have space for the 10 essentials and tent and sleeping bag. I never really did that much hiking in to lakes for the purpose of fishing, but I do enjoy hiking in general quite a bit. For those who know me, yes, I do get my chubby self into the hills on occasion. Stop laughing!! :LOVEIT YT
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