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Reeltrout :COOK Check out the SuperCat ... a very lightweight packable mini-pontoon boat. It is available in Federal Way at the Mad FlyFisher 253-945-7414 or online at www.newworldmfg.com/supercat... a little pricey at $575 but well worth it. You might also look at a similar product made here in Seattle by Extreme. They make a similar product for around $450. I think they are located in Tukwila. I have their belly boat and it is very well made and much less expensive than comparable products (325 lb. rating for $85 at the Fishing Show two years ago.. you can still buy it for $100). The other two products will set you back some bucks but well worth it. If you want to go with a pontoon then check out [email protected] I bought mine at GI Joes on sale for $225 two years ago and have added another $100 in accessories. Orvis put their name on it this year for another $200 in cost with all the bells and whistles. It is the finest pontoon boat out there for the money. You can buy a wheel system that a buddy of mine makes )($75) with aircraft quality precision.. Good luck.
PS don't forget to strap on a fish finder ... The Fishing Buddy is a great little toy that really does make a difference. It at least tells you when you are casting over nothing.
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