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Most of the highlake fishermen I know (me included) use an inflateable raft. You might not like this if heart is set on tubing though. The advantages are weight reduction and protection from the ccccold water. I beleive an Explorer 200 raft weighs somewhere around 7 lbs with oars and folds up reasonably small. You can find a raft that will float 200 lbs+ for around $20.00. I use a high back stadium style seat for back support.
With this set up I can fish all day and even nap in it. The downside to this is it can feel awkward casting from this sitting position. Sometimes the oars can get in the way too, I just bring 1\2
the oar nowdays. I can pack for a 4 day trip with the raft and keep under 45lbs. Floating the highlakes can be very addicting so be careful.
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