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I organize my boxes by the trip, then by the type.

I have lake fishing in one set of boxes; my steelehad, salmon and SRC patterns in another, salt water patterns in yet another, and trout stream flies in even another set.

Now, some boxes cross over: the box of buggers and leaches move between lake, stream and steelhead. The box of small dries moves between lake and stream. The box of steelhead dries moves between lake (for BC travelling sedge hatches) and steelhead.

I really like the little $2 divided plastic boxes for my buggers, saltwater streamers, dries and shrimp/scud patterns. I like the big Fox Boxes for my steelhead wet flies. I also have a threader box for my small dries (gnats and such) as I am blind and it gets worse on evening hatches.

And I have one more set of boxes that are 11x17 in size for fishing on boats in Mexico and places south.

The other secret I use is to paint the heads of my weighted flies with nail polish to make it obvious.

Genetic pollution damages wild
stocks, bonk those Hatchery Zombies!
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