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And how is it that you know that you are matching the hatch when you catch a fish with that EHC? How do you know the fish weren't feeding on something sub surface at the time and just ate your EHC cause it was something that looked interesting and edible?

An EHC is as much of an attractor pattern as a flashy streamer. Just because us fly tyers know it as a caddis doesn't mean a damn thing in the grand scheme of things.

If a fish is sipping emergers but then eats your EHC do you shake it off so as not to land such a fish?

There was no condescension.
There is nothing wrong with search fishing. That's just not how i like to fish.
When you are search fishing the pattern matters less.
I prefer fishing hatches that's all.

I also don't use royal wulffs either for the same reason even though it's a great pattern.
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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