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It seems to me we no longer not have the ambassadors of the sport like we did decades ago. Guys like Joe Brooks, Lee Wulff, Ted Williams, Stu Apte, Ernest Hemingway, Lefty Kreigh, and Zane Grey were to fly fishing what Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus are to golf. Tiger has largely been the face of golf for the latest generations... but who are his fly fishing equals?

No one on WFF, that's for damn sure.

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You really want someone like Tiger representing the sport of fly fishing? Some overhyped philanderer.

I get where your coming from, just don't see the need to put someone on a pedestal for being good at a past time.

My idea of a good representive would be someone who has worked hard to promote the sport, not themselves.
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When I look at today's sports and entertainment celebrities out there, I can't think off the top of my head of any I would want to be ambassadors for our sport. Within the fly fishing community we have a number of well known fly fishing "celebrities" who do a lot to promote our sport. Also, the internet has changed things so much. Instead of watching ABCs wild world of sports which I remember occasionally would film a section on fly fishing, now you can find a ton of information and videos on fly fishing.

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What would their purpose be?

Are we going the "more fly fishers means more advocates for the resource" route?

Would it just be to bring all fishers together despite gear?

Just trying to see the positive here.
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