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nice read overall.

bad tips though
"On the Yakima, 90 percent of the fish are going to be within 12 inches of the bank," he said. "The overhang of grasses hides the first six to eight inches of water, and it's a drop, so the trick is to cast the fly upstream" and get the fly as close to the bank without hooking the grass.

Another tip: timing is everything, Smith says.

"The Yakima is really only good in early spring before the melt, and then it's not very good through the summer because of high water. And then in the fall, when they do the flip-flop in the Upper County (diverting water for the salmon), it gets good again. The fish are confused when they first drop the water. But about a week later it gets really good because the fish settle down and the water's readable and easy to fish and you can wade a lot of it in the fall.

the first one is very common and has lead to some of the worst fishing I witness on the river. Just a couple weeks ago I watched a boat float by right over where the fish were holding and cast into the shore where it was skunksville or smoltsville. I then waded upstream and pulled fish out of the area that had been floated over. the second tip is OK for the wade fisherman (although there is wading available at all levels) but juxtaposed with the first tip makes almost no sense.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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