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Fly Fishing Literature - favorite authors

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I have never particularly cared for instructional/how-to books on fly fishing...but I love good fly fishing literature. Here is a list of authors of fly fishing literature that I enjoy. Just thought that some of these authors may not be as well known to some folks, so might provide for some pleasant winter reading.

Please share your list of favorite authors, and even specific books if you want. I can always use more suggestions to check out!

Roderick Haig-Brown
Robert Traver (John Voelker)
W.D. Wetherell
Nick Lyons
Dana Lamb
Jerry Dennis
Arthur Macdougall Jr.
Thomas McGuane
Ted Leeson
Steve Raymond
Russell Chatham
Ernest Schwiebert
Sparse Grey Hackle (Alfred Miller)
William Tapply
James Babb
M.R. Montgomery
Harry Middleton
Norman Maclean
John Gierach
John Holt
Jerry Hamza
E. Donnall Thomas Jr.
David James Duncan
Dave Ames

Non Literature (OK...these may be considered How-To I guess...what can I say):
Dave Hughes
Randall Kaufmann
Jack Dennis
Eric Leiser
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Mallory Burton wrote a good book of short stories about fishing.
Thanks for the reminder about Mallory Burton. I actually have a copy of her book called Reading the Water. I'll have to read it again.

The most recent fishing related books I picked up that I have not yet read, but are next on my list, are Beneath the Rising Mist by Dana Lamb, Running Waters by Datus Proper, and Remembering Dud Dean (a collection of Arthur Macdougall's Dud Dean stories, compiled by the late author's son Walter Macdougall).
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...and then there was "Big Two-hearted River"...
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By the way, is there anybody out there that took English classes from Pat McManus when he was teaching at EWSC back in '65-'66? I missed him my freshman year and never got back to Cheney after my army stint.
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