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Once a year I venture to the island to partake in an annual Bike-A-Thon for the Children's hospital of Seattle Dr. Stanley Stamm Camp. Which I also volunteer at in August. This up comming weekend is the Bike around the island and in years past I've biked one day and then yes, I've flyfished the second day alone at either Sportsmans lake or Egg. I've actually convinced people to sponsor me to fish, and this year I plan on fishing both days. (Not a bad idea, a Fish-A-Thon, folks could sponsor us by the fish or by the hour, can anybody think of a worthy cause, I already have mine.)

My query to all of you despite my unsubtle attempts to solicite donations and sponsorship for this magical camp (This summer will mark my 12th or 13th year volunteering, e'mail me if you'd like to sponsor my aaah... efforts, yeah, my efforts or if you have any questions about the camp [Which I also flyfish at]), is if any of you happen to be up in the area on the 7th or the 8th, would you like to fish with me?

If so, drop me an e'mail or just post here and I'll check the next couple of days.

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