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Fly Fishing, Tying, Casting & Kayaking Books & Dvd's

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If you teach casting, you may want to print this out and give a copy to your students so that they can begin building their library!

If you are studying to become a Certified Casting Instructor, these books are a must have!

Fly Fishing Books:
Fly Fishing for Striped Bass by Rich Murphy 59.95
The Fly Fisherman's Bible by Jim Bashline 13.95
Fly Fishing in Saltwater by Lefty Kreh 19.95
Fly Fishing for Striped Bass by Brad Burns/LL Bean 19.95
Saltwater Fly Fishing By Lefty Kreh/LL Bean 18.95
Treasury of Trout Fishing by Field & Stream 24.95
Fly Fishing for Dummies by Peter Kaminsky 21.95
Trout from Small Streams by Dave Hughes 16.95
Trout Streams of Northern New England by David Klausmeyer 19.95
Trout Streams of Southern New England by Tom Fuller 18.95
Trout Fishing in Massachusetts by Trout Unlimited 18.95
Trout Fishing Near American Cities by Ann McIntosh 19.95
Tactics for Trout by Dave Hughes 16.95
Fishing the Four Seasons by Dave Hughes 17.95
Lefty's Little Fly Fishing Tips by Lefty Kreh 14.95
Alaska Rainbows by Larry Tullis 19.95

Casting Books:
Nature of Fly Casting by Jason Borger 70.00
Fly Casting Handbook by Macauley/LL Bean 18.95
Master the Cast by George Roberts Jr. 12.95
Observations on Fly Casting Teaching by IFFF .50
Casting with Lefty Krey 59.95

Flies & Fly Tying Books:
Trout Flies by David Hughes 75.00
Nymph Fishing by Dave Hughes 19.95
Mayflies by Ted Fauceglis 49.95
Essential Saltwater Flies by Ed Jaworowski 21.95
Fishing Small Flies by Ed Engle 24.95
Art Flick's New Streamside Guide by Tom Rosenbauer 14.95
Hatch Guide for New England Streams by Thomas Ames Jr. 29.95
The Art of Fly Tying by John Van Vliet 19.95
Fly Tying Made Clear & Simple by Skip Morris 19.95
Essential Trout Flies by Dave Hughes 19.95
No Match to Hatch by Rick Osthoff 16.95

Fishing Pocket Dictionary by Henry Beard 7.95
Gone Fishing (Collection of miscellaneous quotes) 4.95
The Art of Fly Tying (DVD) by John Van Vliet 14.95

Fly Fishing Stories:
Fly Fishing through Midlife Crisis by Howell Raines 12.95
Working the Sea by Wendell Seavey 16.95
A River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean 12.00
The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing by Kirk Deeter & Charlie Meyers 16.95
Shupton's Fancy by Paul Schullery 12.95
Adult Only Fishing Jokes by John Shakespeare 4.95

Rod Building:
Handcrafting a Graphite Fly Rod by L.A. Garcia 15.95
Rod Building Guide by Tom Kirkman 14.95
Fly Rod Building Made Easy by Art Scheck 24.95

Kayaking Books:
Recreational Kayaking by Ken Whiting 19.95
Kayak Fishing, the Ultimate Guide by Scott Null & Joel McBride 24.95
Kayak Fishing by Cory Routh 24.95
The Essential Wilderness Navigator by David Seidman 16.95
Simple Kayak Navigation by Ray Killen 14.95

Kayaking DVD's:
The Kayak Fishing Video by Dennis Spike 29.95
Kayak Fishing by Scott Null & Joel McBride 19.95
Recreational Kayaking by Ken Whiting 19.95

Casting DVD's:
Presentation Casts for Trout by Phil Gay 24.95
Teaching yourself to Fly Cast with Bill Gammel 24.95

Video Cassettes:
A River Runs Through It 5.00
The Orvis Fly Fishing School 5.00
Fishing the Deerfield River with Jack Smola 5.00

Ralph Tomaccio, IFFF Certified Casting Instructor
I can be contacted at [email protected]
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