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Fly Giveaway

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I run a fly fishing group for at risk kids in Clark County Juvenile and need help with aquiring flies for the kids. I have 24 kids who go out fishing with me several times a month. Most come from low in-come famalies and can't afford to purchase them on thier own. We supply the rods and reels and such but it would be nice for them to be able to have some flies at home with them to even look at untill the next time we go out.

A few of our fellow forum dwellers have sent me flies but my group has grown to over 2 dozen kids. Mumbles told me that I should post a Fly give away so here it is. If your interested in sending us what ever you can part with, you can mail them to Clark County Juvenile Justice Center PO Box 5000 Vancouver Wa. 98666 C/O Jim Riggins, And as always THANKS!!!
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I think this is an excellant idea! What kind of fishing will you be doing, ie: stream, river, lake? More than willing to help out!! I will have to go through what I have on hand as some of my ties use materials that are banned in the States. Willing to tie with alternate materials to help out.

Jim, great post and I had forgotten to pull out some flies for sending down. I just wrote my forgetful self a note. I'll send down some trout flies.
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