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I just got back from the muzzleloader show in Enumclaw. I went to check out some black powder rifles & accessories (another addiction of mine), but what I walked away with was fly-tying material...an unexpected, but pleasant surprise. If you're not familiar with the show, it's put-on, and frequented by pioneer/mountain-man types who love to wear fur garments & hats adorned with feathers and critter tails. This, of course tranlates into lots of furs, hides, and feathers for sale. Most of the materials aren't packaged for fly-tyers, but you can find some good stuff. One guy does package some of his goods nice and neat in baggies for tyers (though, he doesn't tie himself), but most of it is loose feathers -you just pick out the ones you want. I'm not the guy who knows all the going prices on materials, but I believe I got good deals. I picked up the following: a) entire pheasant skin & feathers for $6, they had smaller versions for $5 b) racoon tail $2 c) marten tail $2 or $4 (don't remember) ...and a miscellaneous assortment of feathers that quite honestly, I don't know WHAT they came off of, but looked like they'd make a nifty fly. They also had fox, mink, ostrich, lynx, beave, etc, etc. If you're interested, check it out. The entry fee is only $3, and it's quite interesting even without the fly materials. The show's running this weekend at the fairgrounds in Enumclaw, free parking (helluva a lot cheaper than a recent FF show some of us attended). -Hope it helps somebody. C'ya!
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