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$200 - includes Rio 8wt never fished line and backing.

Lamson Litespeed 3 Hard Alox Fly Fishing Reel - 6/7/8wt

Lightweight, superstrong and highly weather resistant, Lamson's Litespeed 3 fly fishing reel is the ideal choice for fishing in varying conditions. Its Hard Alox aluminum provides top-notch durability without added weight.

    • Hard Alox aluminum construction is extremely durable and lightweight
    • Precise conical drag system is extremely responsive and completely sealed off from moisture, salt and grit
    • Smooth, fast retrieve rate
    • Reel pouch included
    • Includes reel bag
NOTE: I bought it new, never used it. Comes with a Rio 8wt line, sink tip floating body I think (don't quote me on that since I'm including the line for free - don't feel like digging shit up, don't know where the box is. Also don't have the original box for the reel, but do have pouch) I will obviously ship it in box. you pay shipping.

$60 - Orvis Battenkill III - reel is mint condition! I have never fished it and neither did the person I bought it from. It's just been sitting here collecting dust. You pay shipping.

$125 - Teton #4 This is a small reel, comes with two spools. Used when I bought it but in mind condition. I myself have never fished it. Again, just sitting here collecting dust. You pay shipping. This is a beautiful small stream reel.

Text me for fastest response time - 360-8zero1-025niner

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what line recommendations on the Teton, looking for a reel for a 9' 5 wt Helios 2 and a 7'6" 4 wt Ovis Carbon..Mike

Hi Everyone, New here just got into fly fishing again after 42 years, need to start getting a few nice gear. Thank You Mike
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